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What’s Fathers’ Day got to do with climate change?

“What’s Fathers’ Day got to do with climate change?”

 - Grace Rachow, Volunteer Coordinator, SBWC

I’ve spent the past week in Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara Writers Conference (SBWC), returning to a place where for twenty years I served on staff. This time my return was sparked by a keen sense of personal burnout—which staff at Community Food and Justice Coalition mirrored with clenched teeth and panic stricken eyes whenever I called for yet one more impromptu staff meeting.

Now my rehab is nearly complete and Fathers’ Day drawing close, I sit down with computer to write. 

California will face longer, deadlier heat waves

ImagePhoenix, Arizona, is facing its hottest August ever, with temperatures reaching well above 110. Here in the Golden State, we may need to get ready for such atrocities, too.

When cooking kills: Reducing soot pollution from cookstoves

ImageFor the first time, a pilot project in rural India has demonstrated that soot from household cooking fires seriously contributes to atmospheric pollution.

Bill Gallegos responds to California's delay of cap-and-trade as a result of his group's lawsuit

CHC wroteChevron's Richmond refinery in February about a challenge to California's cap-and-trade law that came not from Big Oil, but from the environmental justice group Communities for a Better Environment. Yesterday, the state Air Resources Board announced that it would delay its proposed cap and trade program until the issues raised in the lawsuit — specifically, that alternatives to cap and trade weren't fully vetted. Gallegos took a moment to give us his reaction to what appeared to be a David victory over Goliath.

UNICEF dives into climate debate

boy sleeping surrounded by waterIn its newly released 2011 State of the World's Children report, UNICEF positions climate change as the single greatest threat to youth worldwide, and in another report, the international body says that climate-related disasters threaten the success of the Millennium Development Goals that are core of the international humanitarian agenda.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in China

ImageThe environmental situation in China has gotten alarmingly bad, according to news reports and, most tellingly, a statement from the Chinese government itself. 

UNICEF: Climate change among most serious problems facing global youth

ImageIn its recent report, The State of the World’s Children 2011, UNICEF includes climate change among the most serious issues confronting the next generation. Youth will have to confront climate change long after our current leaders have died. But, even now, they are disproportionately affected by it.

California climate law challenged on environmental justice issues

ImageWe're used to big polluters mounting legal challenges to efforts to get them to clean up their acts. But the ongoing legal challenge to California's groundbreaking climate law seemed to come out of left field — from environmental justice groups concerned with the disproportionate effects of pollution on low-income and minority people.

Report predicts spike in hunger as a result of climate change

ImageIn what is being called an aggressive estimate of how climate change will affect agriculture, a new report by the Universal Ecological Fund argues that rising temperatures will diminish yields of the staple crops rice, wheat and corn in much of the developing world.

Green jobs organization proposes local fixes for climate change

ImageEnvironmentalists and communications firms are quick to point out that "green jobs" has been a phenomenally successful talking point. The idea originated as a modest attempt to improve job prospects of young people of color in Oakland, Calif., while helping clean up the environment at the same time.

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