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    “Climate change is the greatest public health challenge of the 21st century.”

    The Lancet

Public Health Institute’s Center for Climate Change & Health is dedicated to tackling the challenge of climate change while creating more vibrant, healthy and equitable communities throughout the US and around the world.

The Public Health Institute considers climate change to be one of the greatest global and domestic public health challenges of our time.

PHI’s Center for Climate Change & Health contributes to building healthy and climate-resilient communities that have the right tools to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The Center engages local leaders, scientists, policymakers, health care providers and civil society in mainstreaming the protection of health across a wide range of policies and sectors. It promotes strategies that reduce long-term climate change, promote climate resilient communities, protect all people from the health impacts of climate change, and optimize health and health equity outcomes.

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The Senate All-Nighter for Climate

April 24, 2014

Monday night, 31 U.S. Senators staged an all-night “talkathon” (hashtagged #Up4Climate) to urge their colleagues in Congress to begin, in earnest, to address climate change. Their key points: Action is critical, the scientific consensus is clear, the window of opportunity is closing, and denial won’t keep climate change from wreaking untold harm on U.S. communities.


Join the US Climate & Health Alliance

The U.S. Climate and Health Alliance is a national network of health and public health practitioners dedicated to addressing the threats of climate change to health.

By joining the Alliance, you can connect with other health professionals working to address climate change as a human and health crisis; share and learn about opportunities to bring the health voice into programs and policies to address climate change; share and access tools, resources and materials to support your efforts; and contribute to building a health movement to tackle climate change. The Center for Climate Change & Health hosts and serves as secretariat for the Alliance.

Learn more and join.


Like our new website?

The Center for Climate Change & Health is pleased to launch its new website. Under Our Work, learn more about Public Health Institute programs and projects working to address climate change and health. Check out Solutions to learn more about PHI’s policy advocacy on climate change. Search our Resources to find journal articles, reports and more on key climate topics. And learn more about the US Climate and Health Alliance, a national network of health and public health professionals working to address climate change, hosted here at the Center.