A Physician’s Guide to Climate Change, Health and Equity

The Physician’s Guide to Climate Change, Health and Equity is a resource to strengthen and inform your voice as a trusted health professional on climate change, health and equity. The Guide explores the complex and multifaceted connections between climate change and health, disproportionate burdens and the impacts on health equity, and opportunities for solutions. It is not designed to be read and absorbed all at once, because it is filled with a lot of detailed information and data. Rather, it is meant to be a resource that you can use to prepare for media interviews, visits with legislators or policymakers, news media articles, or presentations such as Grand Rounds, conferences, community talks and more.

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Climate Change, Health, and Health Inequities

Special Topics Within Climate Change and Health

Climate Change as a Health Equity Opportunity: Co-Benefits of Climate Action

Patient Materials

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  • Global Climate Change Inequities
  • Intergenerational Climate Change Inequities
  • Violence, Conflict and Climate Change
  • Migration, Climate Change and Health
  • Latino Americans and Climate Change
  • African Americans and Climate Change
  • Indigenous Populations and Climate Change
  • Asian & Pacific Islander American and Climate Change
  • Greening Your Health Practice and Systems


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