Global Call to Action on Climate, Health, and Equity



Initial Endorsers

The Call to Action on Climate and Health outlines a set of ten priority policy actions for health leadership to advance ambitious progress towards global climate and health goals (read the full Call to Action). We are seeking the endorsement of this Call to Action by health systems and organizations around the world at all levels – from local to global. Please join us in mobilizing stronger climate action for health and health action for climate.


Climate change is a global health emergency that threatens to reverse decades of health and development gains, cause widespread human suffering, deepen global health inequities, and put at risk the environmental and economic systems we depend on for our survival.

As the world faces unprecedented heat, fires, and storms, now is a crucial moment for leaders to assess and reaffirm their commitments to climate action.

Climate Action for Health:  Action to reduce climate change can dramatically improve health and offers a path to sustainable development for all.  As leading health professionals and organizations from around the world, we call on local, national, and global policymakers to act now to significantly reduce climate pollution and build climate resilience.

Health Action for Climate: A growing number of health organizations around the world are taking action on climate change. If we are to achieve the ambitions of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, the health sector must do more.

With the right policies and investments today, we have the opportunity to realize our vision of healthy people in healthy places on a healthy planet. The following ten priority actions are essential steps to protect health and advance human well-being in the era of climate change.

  1. Meet and strengthen the commitments under the Paris Agreement
  2. Transition away from the use of coal, oil and natural gas to clean, safe, and renewable energy.
  3. Transition to zero-carbon transportation systems with an emphasis on active transportation.
  4. Build local, healthy, and sustainable food and agricultural systems.
  5. Invest in policies that support a just transition for workers and communities adversely impacted by the move to a low-carbon economy
  6. Ensure that gender equality is central to climate action.
  7. Raise the health sector voice in the call for climate action.
  8. Incorporate climate solutions into all health care and public health systems.
  9. Build resilient communities in the face of climate change.
  10. Invest in climate and health.

These ten priority areas provide a roadmap for strong, coordinated, and urgent collective action to protect our health and that of future generations.

Read the full Call to Action (en Español).