President’s Carbon Limits “A Major Step Forward”

DateSeptember 20, 2013

PHI Statement on Power Plant Carbon Limits

“The Public Health Institute applauds President Obama for his bold move to institute tough new requirements on coal and gas power plants, aiming to limit their greenhouse gas emissions for the first time. This could have profound benefits for not only our environment, but also our health: Many strategies to combat climate change offer both near- and long-term co-benefits to health, in addition to the direct health benefit of addressing climate change.

“Climate change has been called the greatest public health challenge of the 21st century, and an ever-expanding chorus of experts has called for urgent and meaningful policy action to protect the public from the harmful health effects of a changing climate. The impacts of climate change on health are taking place now, will increase in frequency and severity as climate change proceeds, and as a stress multiplier, will disproportionately hurt low income communities, the elderly, communities of color, women and the very young.

“We know that we need policy changes and federal support to truly impact climate change and health.  Federal action to limit CO2 from power plants is a major step forward, and is both precedent-setting and offers health benefits by mitigating climate change.  We encourage Congress to support this bold step by President Obama and look forward to partnering on simultaneously improving health and mitigating climate change.”