Take Action

Action on climate change provides one of our greatest health opportunities because many climate change solutions improve our communities and our health while reducing health inequities. Below are some resources and organizations to help you take action to create a healthy planet with healthy places for healthy people! Check back often as the page is updated continuously.

Act on Energy

  • Visit Energy Saver to take steps at home to become more energy efficient or switch to renewable energy.
  • Visit the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to learn how you can bring more renewable energy to your community.
  • Call your utility company and ask how you can switch to more renewable energy at home and in your community

Act on Urban Greening

  • Project Evergreen: Learn about the health and economic benefits of urban greening and how to get started in your community.
  • Green Infrastructure Toolkit: Find strategies and techniques for urban greening with this resource from Georgetown Climate Center

Act on Food and Agriculture

Act on Transportation

  • Start a walking school bus in your neighborhood to increase physical activity and reduce vehicle emissions.
  • Complete Streets and Safe Routes to School: tell your local officials you want safe options for more walking and biking so you can ditch your vehicle more often.
  • Visit Transition Streets to learn how you can enact community-level change in all these areas, one street at a time.

Support what’s happening in your community

Use your voice

Contact your representative in Congress. Tell them you are concerned about climate change and you want them to support the Clean Power Plan.

Health Groups and Professionals: Review these examples of letters from health groups advocating for policy action to advance climate action for health.

Keep Learning…and Teach Others